We’re Fabri and Nati. We’re both from Uruguay and met for the first time in Auckland a couple of years ago while out in Mission Bay, drinking mate (our shared national drink - pronounced ‘MAH-teh’). We became close friends, and during last year’s lockdown, we started thinking about how much we missed alfajores (one of the BEST sweet treats ever).

If you haven’t heard about this treat yet, here’s a clue about what to expect: An alfajor is one of the most popular sweet treats in Uruguay and other parts of South America. Two soft chocolate biscuits with traditional creamy South American caramel filling (dulce de leche), covered in rich chocolate… A mouth-wateringly delicious “biscuit sandwich” that you can enjoy anytime of the day!

So we figured, if we can’t go to Uruguay, then let’s create these delicious treats ourselves! And not just for us, but for everyone to enjoy. So we started making, testing and improving our recipe (much to the delight of our taste-testing friends).

Our alfajores are 100% artisanal and baked with lots of love at the fantastic facilities of The Kitchen Project and we want now to share them with you!

You can follow our steps on Instagram and Facebook. And order our product here.

Nati and Fabri holding a couple of MATE alfajor.

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MATE alfajor just baked biscuits.

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