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What is an alfajor and when to eat it?

An Alfajor is one of the most popular sweet treats in Uruguay and other parts of South America. Two round soft chocolate biscuits with traditional South-American creamy caramel filling (dulce de leche), covered in rich chocolate… A mouth-wateringly delicious “biscuit sandwich” that’s enjoyed any time of the day!

How do you pronounce ALFAJOR?

This tricky word is pronounced [AL.PHA.HOR]

What type of packaging do you use?

We care for our planet and want to ensure that our product is as eco-friendly as possible. Each alfajor is wrapped in home-compostable paper and nicely placed in a compostable bag.


Are there any allergens in your alfajores?

Our alfajores contain WHEAT, GLUTEN, MILK, SOY, and EGG. It may contain NUTS.

Where are your alfajores made?

Our alfajores are handmade with lots of love on the fantastic facilities of The Kitchen Project, a small grade A registered kitchen in South Auckland.


How can I order?

You can place your order here

What are the dates for your next order?

We bake to order so check the next pickup and delivery date here

When do you process the orders?

We will process your order once we receive your payment.

What do I do if I have a problem with my order?

Please get in touch with us via email at, and we will do our best to help!


Where do you deliver?

We are delivering to several locations in New Zealand, please check if we can deliver to your address in the order form.

How much does delivery cost?

The delivery cost depends on your area, please check the price searching your addres in the order form.

How long does it take to receive your order?

Once dispatched, it may take three days to receive your order. Delivery dates will be regularly posted on our site and social media channels.

How does pick-up work?

We offer free pick-up. When completing your order, you will receive the pick-up address and date of pick-up via email.


How long do the alfajores last?

Our alfajores can last up to three weeks in an airtight container.

MATE alfajor just baked biscuits.

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